Did I Forget To Tell You About My Weekend?

Here I was yesterday telling you about my NASM exam and I didn’t even update you on the rest of my weekend. I guess I was just too darn excited.

Ok, well after hurricane Sandy I didn’t have power for a full week. My fridge looked like this…

We lost a ton of food.😦

Between studying and cuddling with Bosco I managed to make a quick trip to Whole Foods for some essentials. Essentials being eggs and yogurt….obviously.

Still sad looking…but better. Eggs are all I need to keep me happy.🙂 Oh, and I wasn’t home for most of the weekend so there was no need for a big shopping trip. After the test I took the 2hr drive to visit my mom, new niece, and bestie, Mr. Yeti in MA.

Saturday night I had dinner with Mr. Yeti at Green Street Grill. If you’re ever in the Cambridge/Boston area you have to go here. The link will take you to the menu. Unfortunately my entree isn’t listed. I had the scallops with pureed pumpkin and sliced grilled pumpkin. Pure Pumpkin Heaven! Mr. Yeti opted for the Trout. (it wasn’t as good as my dish). 

We started with the kale salad. This was another one of their specials. It was good but I was very frustrated when I couldn’t cut into my kale. Why couldn’t I cut the kale? Weird. I wasn’t really a fan of that. We also had the yucca fries with our entree. Also good. The aioli was a little better than the fries themselves. Slightly overdone and therefore dry. Of course that didn’t stop me from eating like six of them. Don’t judge. Finally, my drink – the Bohemian. Soooo good! If you like grapefruit you’ll love this drink. Gin, St. Germaine, grapefruit juice, and bitters. It was refreshing and not overly sweet (which I hate). I wanted five of them….but I only had one b/c I had to drive. I’ll have to go back…with a driver. heehee

I hung out with these 2 fools Sunday AM.

After some psycho running at the dog park (them, not me) we had breakfast – taco scramble. Taco scramble consisted of leftover ground beef, spinach, cheese, and salsa with a side of sliced pears. This is how you utilize the last of the food in your fridge.🙂 Skillz.

Then I was off to the couch for some serious vegging in my striped socks and a cup of coffee. Ahhhhh that’s what I call a relaxing Sunday.

Right, Bosco?

He was right there with me. What a smart little guy. Like how my mom keeps crackers in the bedroom? Doesn’t everyone? 

Of course I couldn’t head home without seeing the new niece.

Then I was back to CT and the daily grind. But not before I did this! Cute, no? My first attempt at ombre nails. I’d say it came out well.

Please tell me you watched Walking Dead last night? My favorite show. I can’t get enough of it. Of course my blood pressure was through the roof and I was at the edge of my seat but I loved every second of it. You would think I actually know these people. I can’t stop.

Ugh, even with my pretty nails and the Walking Dead high, I was I not ready for today. I forgot my water bottle, my protein to go along with my salad, then I locked myself out of the lab.

Let’s try again tomorrow. This time I’m ready. I already have my pumpkin overnight oats in the fridge along with my yogurt, cottage cheese, and fig mix. Lunch meeting so that saves me a little packing. Although I wouldn’t have minded taking these leftovers to work.

Pilot made me dinner on the grill! Sirloin tips, sweet potato, and asparagus. Mmmmm….meat. Who doesn’t love a perfectly cooked slice of red meat?

How was your start of the week? Better than mine?

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